Larry Joins the Blogosphere, Finally

Now that everyone else in the universe has a blog, I finally acceded to  overwhelming demand (from Jennie and Nellie) to have one too. Now the problem is: do I have anything to say? That problem hasn’t stopped anyone else from bloviating or blogoviating.  Stay tuned to this blog for pearls-of-wisdom-before-swine to come, including further drafts of my memoir, “There’s No Rest in the Restroom.”

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  1. Sandra Bennett

    My husband Richard and I watched a documentary on Netflix covering the history of WBAI last night.
    So many memories came flooding back.
    We were both born in Los Angeles and moved to New York City in 1963. We began our big city adventure living in one room at the wonderful Chelsea Hotel. We were aspiring artists and the Chelsea folks loved artists.
    I don’t remember the exact date that BAI became our “always on”radio station- however I do fondly remember waking up to the often late, sometimes cranky, always interesting and thought provoking, Larry Josephson, a great start to the day. I went to sleep with Bob Fass and woke up with Larry Josephson – how much better can it get?!?
    I did digress a bit, sorry! Last night’s documentary was missing something – no not something, someone–you, Larry Josephson. So I looked you up -on line this morning…Josephson is extremely important to WBAI. I miss you! Sandra Bennett, a fish out of water in Atlanta, GA

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